NTS Radio Synth Hero Show

January 07, 2019

Airing this evening, my 1 hour modular synthesis inspired radio show on NTS. Todd Rundgren, The Tubes, Bernie Krause, Popol Vuh, Herbie Hancock, Speedy J, Surgeon and Kirk DeGiorgio.

I have two pieces in the latest edition of Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds Magazine.


The first is an interview and article about the recording of the drum sounds for the Roland TM6 Pro Trigger module.

The second is an article I wrote about discovering my own drum sound, the many mistakes I made along the way, and how I eventually discovered the magic of vintage drums.

January 26, 2018

Roland TM6 Pro launched this week at NAMM 2018.

Peter Henderson and I were asked to author the acoustic drum library. We recorded two sessions, one at Real World Studios in Somerset, one at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, both iconic studios with great tracking rooms.

We sampled an extensive list of contemporary and vintage drums, from rare Camco drums, custom Craviotto and Noble & Cooley, to mainstream Tama, DW and Pearl. The aim was to create the most varied and flexible drum sounds for the TM6.

I also contributed electronic sounds created using my Eurorack and vintage Buchla modular systems.

October 19, 2017

IBurncycle Story

n the mid 1990's Simon Boswell and I collaborated on a groundbreaking new computer game soundtrack. It was for a Phillipps CDi game called 'Burncycle'. Although the game format ultimately failed, our soundtrack has had a healthy cult following ever since, especially on Youtube.

In 2017, Here and Now Recordings decided to remaster and re-release the music. I'm also working on several 2018 remixes of some of the tracks to be released soon.

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